Centro Mãos na Terra, is a Centre for training, research and service rendering in the scope of sustainable and accessible construction, based on improved construction techniques using earth and construction systems that are seen as an alternative to conventional systems in Mozambique.
As a training centre, it is open to students, architects, technicians or members of local communities that want to learn how to build in a sustainable way, on the ecological, social and economic level, by disseminating these construction techniques through communities and all over country.

In addition to cost-effective construction, Centro Mãos na Terra has, as fundamental principle, the promotion of the sustainable and ecological construction as a means of development of the country. Earth is a natural resource that allows local populations not to depend on other materials, on their availability, transport and high cost. The earth can be considered as a construction material of great potential for the sustainable and ecological technological development of the country.

The Centro Mãos na Terra is a:

Training Centre and research
Sustainable and accessible construction
Construction with earth