Índia / Atithi Griha Guest House – Arq° Darmesh, Jadeja  - Earth construction in Auroville.

The earth as a building material offers several advantages. Get to know some:

On the economic level /

The use of this material provides a considerable reduction of construction costs, because it is a resource available on the spot or managed at low costs. In the context of an overall economy threatened - as happened in 1973 and again in 1990 – due to really high energetic costs, the earth construction allows considerable savings on the energetic level.

On the energectic level /

The possibility to be used locally with low transport costs and mostly without needing to be subjected to industrial processing, this material allows for important savings compared to the expensive cement, steel and baked brick industries. Another issue is the possibility of obtaining domestic level economies since the thermal inertia of the earth walls can contribute to the reduction in the cost of heating and climate control of buildings.

On the ecological level /

The cooking phase at high temperature is not necessary (more than 1100º C for industrialized materials) in the treatment of raw earth, the environment is spared from the pollution of the atmosphere. At this time, our planet is threatened by heavy industry of building materials, which, in turn, contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer of the planet Earth. This material has the advantage of being squashed and is ecologically clean and time can destroy the buildings completely and can be used again as many times as needed.

At the political level /

Earth is a global material, existing in all parts of the planet, according to the potential of each region and country, this logic assumes a political dimension when is seen at the third world level. The third world countries' dependence on imported materials and techniques has become an obstacle to the development of these countries. This economic and political obstacle has been worsening the external debt of these countries.

At the social level /

Raw earth technologies make it possible to reduce the costs of social housing, and promote the socialization of the people, by being techniques that allow self-construction.

On the cultural level /

Raw earth has always allowed, in all civilizations, rural or urban, to ensure the maintenance of a creative language and which is adapted to the particularities of each culture.