01 /

Raise awareness of the country to the potential of sustainable construction techniques, cost effective, promoting the earth as an ecological material, as well as other construction techniques with the same principles.

02 /

Develop and implement social projects, seeking to meet the local people and their needs.

03 /

Contribute to a higher level of education and development of the country.

04 /

Cooperate with public and private companies and NGOs, which are interested in implementing projects within the framework of ecological and low cost construction dedicated specifically to the Mozambican population.

05 /

Contribute through training, projects and construction for the Poverty Reduction Action Plan 2011-2014 (PARP) to Mozambique, taking into account the following fields of action: "Promote Access to and Secure Tenure of Serviced Land and Support Self-Construction with special focus on women" "Promote the construction of new housing“

06 /

Create a design and research office open to individual and/or collective initiatives of its members, to requests or orders.

07 /

Develop a database to facilitate research and to allow uses of diverse nature in joint initiatives with civil society and public institutions at national, regional and local level.