The Centro Mãos na Terra takes data protection very seriously. Your data are collected and used in accordance with the legislation in force. The following criteria are applied: for every access to the website of the Centro Mãos na Terra or its files, the data for these processes are stored. These data are collected only for technical and statistical purposes.

The following information is saved:
1  Name of the file accessed
2  Date and time of access
3  Volume of data transferred
4  Notification of file successful transfer
5  Type of browser
6  Request domain
7  Country of origin of request

The information provided by users during registration is made anonymous before being analysed by the Centro Mãos na Terra for statistical purposes, provided that the user gave his permission. The Centro Mãos na Terra does not sell information of its users to third parties

The staff of the Centro Mãos na Terra are forced to maintain confidentiality of personal data All information is subject to confidentiality agreements with the Centro Mãos na Terra.

All data stored on our servers is protected from being accessed without authorization through multiple security mechanisms. The staff of the Centro Mãos na Terra and the companies that make network security test the effectiveness of these security mechanisms on a regular basis.

Any change in the data protection policy will be communicated here. In the case that the Centro Mãos na Terra needs to use user data for other purposes, a prior authorization will be requested. The modifications in the use of users ' data shall only be carried out with their authorization.