In Mozambique, both rural and urban areas reflect the poor standard of living of the population, the problem of access to housing and the high costs of construction.


Maputo / Casas no miolo do quarteirão da rua Irmãos Roby

In rural areas, the population wishes to have houses with better living conditions, however they do not have the resources to allow them to make these investments. In urban areas, the lack of housing and high rents are a widespread problem, and the young people are the largest population group which suffers most from this problem.

Private companies and NGOs, as well as the public sector, have sought solutions to respond to this social problem and offer each family a worthy house. However, it is not an easy topic since this depends on many external factors, such as market prices of construction materials, of technical innovation, the financial capacity of the population.


Beira / Casa em aldeia rural no Dondo - Beira

Mozambique needs new ideas, not utopian but others, in the short and long term, and that fit local needs, in order to provide constructive solutions that allow access to housing and all infrastructures for the majority of the population.