Dondo / Neighbourhood of Canhandula Rural House

In Mozambique, the oldest technique of earth use is the so-called maticado, better known in southern Europe as tabique (partition). It was a technique widely used by the Portuguese and spread in Mozambique by the Portuguese former settlers. This technique consists in the construction a wooden or cane grid, forming a braided, where subsequently is applied a thin layer of earth. In turn, this weave is filled with a clay composite, water and vegetable fibbers. 

Nowadays, it is still in use as well as the technique of clay block baked by the sun. Usually, the adobe technique, is used only on the outside walls. Inside, usually reed is used and for coverings grass are zinc sheet are used and, in some areas of the country, fibrocement plates. Earth use as a construction material is rooted in the history and culture of Mozambique and is still heavily in use across the country, with its focus on rural areas.


Pande / Paintings on earth plaster


Beira / House made of pau maticado in fishing neighbourhood